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Good sites come and go, so please let me know
if any of these links are broken.

Web Authoring
Barry's Clip Art
Clip Art
Color Chart (excellent for Netscape 3+)
HTML Basics
HTML Checker
HTML Code Validators
Internet Baglady (tools)
Internet Legal Issues
Nerds 2.0.1
Rose's Animated Gif's
Sun's Guide to Web Style (excellent!)
SmartPlanet (tech classes on line; previously ZDU)
Software Reviews
Urban Legends (email hoaxes revealed)
Virus/Hoax alerts
Virus myths
WC3 HTML Specifications (the last word)
Web Design Clinic
Webopedia - web dictionary
Web Design Group
Web Developers Virtual Library
WebMonkey - tutorials
Web Site Garage (drive in and tune up your site)
Y2k Links
Y2k Source List
Yale Style Manual
WebMonkey (lots of tutorials)
Brain Power
Test your skills in logic, math, chess, puzzles and word games.
Hundreds of riddles.
Take an IQ test.
Brain-straining word game!
Some Mensa questions.
Word and math games for adults and children.
Optical illusions. (really cool!)
Mensa Workout.
Internet Associations
Association of Internet Professionals AIP
HTML Writers Group HWG
World Organization of WebMasters WOW
Search Engines
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards
Cat Fanciers
Internet Movie Database
Best Films Ever Made (dance!)
The Keirsey Test (what's your temperment?) Greeting Cards
Discovery Channel
Virtual Dessert Machine! (now this is really fun!)
The Century
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
CBS SportsLine
Internet Movie Database
Guide to Broadband Content
Verbal Self-Defense
What's that Phone Number? (may be busy!)
IEEE-USA (award-winning career site)
CareerBuilder Network
I Should Be Working!
Run Your Own Business
Write Your Representative
How'd Your Congressman Vote?
Another Congress Fly-on-the-Wall
Candidate Profiles
US Postal Service
American Legal Ethics Library
US Senate
Keo Satellite
NASA's Photos of the Leonids Meteor
Light Side of Antitrust, Starring...
IEEE Spectrum
Yahoo/Reuters News
CBS News
The (Capitol) Hill
National Public Radio
New Jersey OnLine
Meet the Press
The McLaughlin Group
PC Magazine Top 100 Sites
The Washington Post
WorldNet Daily - conservative!
Library of Congress
AMA on-line Doctor Finder
Dr. Koop (same folks who produce Physicians' Desk Reference)
Virtual Body
Yahoo Health Resources
Menopause 'Toons
The Merck Manual Home Edition
Goodbye Recipe Monotony!
Quit Smoking (customize your routine)  
Lots of Health Info- MSNBC
Comparison Shopping (compares prices for you)
The Sharper Image
Kelley Blue Book
eCommerce News
Consumer Reports On-line
Debt Analyzer  
Free Legal Advice About Everything!  
(Almost) Free Shopping (great banking source)  
Product Tutorials
Real Estate
Zero Down Payment Loans (researches and compares) (offers free appraisals) (online appraisals) (links to other sites) (current mortgage interest rates +)
International Real Estate Digest
The LendingTree (lenders compete for your business)
For Sale by Owners
Nationwide Info on School Sites
Buying, Selling and Borrowing Tips
Cheap Tickets
Microsoft Expedia
The Weather Channel (can't order your own weather, though)  
Lonely Planet Online  
Travel Across America in Photos
GoGirl Magazine (award-winning) (career and family life) (survival skills) (workplace, business, investments) (topical experts) (help other women)  

*These sites are for your enjoyment.
No endorsement of the contents is implied.


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